Monday, 2 May 2016

The 30 x 30 Nature Challenge

In January, I set myself a challenge to walk 161 kilometres/100 miles in a month.  I missed my goal by 6 kilometres but persisted with my walking.  I tried again, and by the end of February exceeded my goal.  It felt good to attain my goal and even better to get back into the habit of walking daily,

This month I'm participating in the 30 x 30 Nature Challenge promoted by  The goal is to spend 30 minutes a day in a natural setting for 30 consecutive days.  With my now-established walking habit, this should be a fairly straightforward challenge for me to meet.

Since the challenge is a relatively simple one for me to achieve, you may be wondering why I've undertaken it at all.  The answer is simple too:  I find peace, comfort, and calm in being in nature.  It encourages me to observe, appreciate, and value the beauty of my surroundings.  I thought it might do the same thing for you.

The photo above was taken yesterday, at Bright Angel Park, just a few kilometres from where I live. The park has long been a part of my life. My dad was one of many community members who contributed volunteer hours and fundraising work to its creation, and I've been going there ever since it first opened on Canada Day in 1967.  It's truly a wonderful place to be on any day of the year but on a warm sunny day like yesterday, it's pure magic.

I'm going to continue sharing photos of my daily nature breaks on Facebook at B on Balance, on Google+, and on Twitter,  I'm hoping you'll take part in the challenge with me and share your photos and stories too.  We can encourage one another to stick to our new routine and we can enjoy the gifts our time in nature gives us. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Jill said...

I'm right with you on enjoying nature all around us and lately it's been in my own backyard :-) Lovely picture! Take care.


Aunt B said...

Thank you Jill. I apologize for taking so long to reply. I do appreciate it that you took the time to read my post and to comment. :) Sometimes the very best of nature can be found right in our backyards. A special blessing because we can then enjoy it with those we love.