Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Work in Progress - A Rule Of Threes

Look:  I'm a work in progress just like everyone else.

I want to lead a healthier lifestyle, but I still say "Yes, please" to a slice of chocolate cake.

I want to be more frugal, but then I splurge on extras at the fabric store.

I want to slow down but, instead, I take on more work.

I want to simplify, but I resist letting go of things.

I spend a lot of time feeling disappointed with myself for not doing a better job of attaining my goals.

I have learned something along the way though:  I do better at moving forward if I can break my big, grand, I-want-to-be-better-at-everything goals down into a series of smaller, more attainable ones.

With that in mind, I'm working these days on a rule of threes:  Three simple goals, each broken down into three smaller things.

Morning and evening I pause to list at least three things I'm grateful for.

Each day I remove or discard at least three items from my home.

Each day I make a "to do" list of only three items.  One chore at home, one chore at work, and one creative project.

The list has been the greatest challenge.  There are so many things that demand my attention each day it's hard choose just a few. (I'm sure the same is true for you.)  It's a valuable lesson, though, because it requires that I set priorities.

The great thing about this rule of threes business is that it's a place of beginning, not one of limitations.  It's okay to do more:  To be thankful for more things, to get rid of more things, to accomplish more things than I have on my list.

I do that almost every day.

On few days when I accomplish only my three things, though, and not any extra, I still feel okay about it.  I've reached my goal without falling short.  And I've accomplished that goal day, after day, after day.

And THAT'S a good feeling.

Really, really good.

Because I am a work in progress

but at least I am progressing.