Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Here I Am

My grandson took this picture at my request and, when I saw it, I almost reconsidered my idea of sharing it. 
Here's the thing though:  Part of moving forward and finding a more balanced path for my future is accepting who and where I am now.
So this is me:  Bad posture, pot belly, funny clothes, and all.
There are lots of things a photo can tell you about a person and even more that it can't but, flattering or not, a picture can be a useful tool both in setting goals and tracking progress.
My goal right now is to work towards a healthier me, both mentally and physically.  It's a really big goal and, to attain it, I'll need to break it down into smaller components. 
My first small steps along the way to achieving a healthier me are simple:
  • Encourage positive thinking in myself and in others.
  • Perform at least one small, anonymous act of kindness every day.
  • Move.  Do some sort of exercise every day.
  • Be mindful of what I eat.
  • Drink lots of water.

Weight loss is not a specific goal for me, and a fashion makeover is not even on my list (however beneficial it might be), but I won't be surprised if my shape and posture change as I make my way toward a healthier life balance.
Just to benchmark so I know where I've started: I am 5'1" tall and today I weigh 142 pounds.  I walked (at a leisurely pace) for an hour this morning and I plan to spend 30 minutes swimming this evening.
I'll keep you posted on my progress and I'll share a new photo every month or so.

If you are pursuing a goal and would like some encouragement as you work towards it, please stop by my FB page and join the conversation there.  I'm all about positive reinforcement. 

Imagine how well we'll do if we all help each other along the way!