Saturday, 6 October 2012

Dreaming of Pancakes

I am fantasizing about pancakes this morning.

True story.  

No one told me how difficult it would be for a woman with no thyroid to lose weight.

I mean, seriously:
I'm exercising every day
(unheard of for me)

and trying hard to stay within the 1200 calorie limit my doctor suggested

and yet,
this week, 
I lost not one single pound.  

Not a one.

I ate four cookies yesterday,
and I took Jack out for a birthday lunch last weekend,
and ate a whole burger and some onion rings.  

All by myself.

(Pure heaven, by the way, after so many boring salads!)

But surely,
even so, 
making myself exercise every day
and eating salads,  
and giving up butter and whole milk and sauces and pasta and pancakes 
should amount to SOMETHING!

Shouldn't it?

I made a promise to my doctor that I'd lose 42 pounds
and that I'd aim for a pound a week.

So far I've lost 8.

I'm not trying to change my habits just because I made that promise,
- although I'm glad I did -
(It gives me incentive to live up to my commitment)

I'm doing it because I'm tired of being tired,
because it would be nice to be able to wear clothes I actually like,
because I don't like the way I look,
or feel.


I'm fantasizing about pancakes
while drinking black coffee
and eating two boiled eggs and an orange.

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